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Binary distributions are available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (though we don't currently offer support for the Windows build). You'll need a binary, as opposed to a Docker image, in order to use USB hardware wallets (including Ledger devices).

After downloading a binary release suitable for your system, please follow the Connecting to the Kowala Network instructions.

Supported, stable versions

Operating system File
Mac OS X
Linux 64bits
Linux ARM 64bits

Unsupported, stable versions

Operating system File

Docker image

The easiest way to run the mining client is using Docker. The latest docker image is always available via Dockerhub. You can get the kUSD version by running

docker pull kowalatech/kusd

in a terminal.

Dockerhub tags

There are two main tags:

Tag name Purpose
:latest The most up to date, stable version of the client
:dev Cutting-edge development version of client.

There are also granular tags for each verision. See the full list.