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Consensus - Validator Registry

This section covers the steps required to start a consensus validator . To read more about Kowala's consensus engine, please refer to the Consensus section.


  • your node is already running as specified in the testnet guide and you have access to the console.

Validator Registration

Note: if your client is not synced, it might take some time to get your transaction posted - the validator only submits the transaction as soon as your node is synced with the network.

You must have an unlocked account with enough mining tokens to cover the initial deposit required to participate in the consensus. If you wish to join the consensus let us know in our Telegram or Gitter channel, and we will mint enough mUSD tokens to your account.

If you don't have an account yet, you can create a new one and unlock it by running the following commands:

> personal.newAccount()
Passphrase: *****
Repeat passphrase: *****

> personal.unlockAccount("0x3dc0bd5208f2e7dcb896f99546e0f9586d58257c")
Unlock account 0x3dc0bd5208f2e7dcb896f99546e0f9586d58257c
Passphrase: *****

To verify your current mining token balance run:

> mtoken.getBalance("0x3dc0bd5208f2e7dcb896f99546e0f9586d58257c")

To verify the minimum deposit required run:

> validator.getMinimumDeposit()

As soon as all the required steps were accomplished, you should select the account to be used:


and the deposit value. For instance, transfer all the mUSD tokens to maximize the rewards,


and now we are ready to start the consensus validator:


At this point, your mining tokens are locked in the consensus contract and you are part of the consensus.

Validator Deregistration

In order to leave the consensus, you must run:


Note: there's a freeze period and your mUSD tokens will remain locked for a pre-defined period of time. In order to verify the status of your locked deposit(s) run:


As soon as you leave the consensus, you can join right away even if you have a locked deposit, as long as you have enough mining tokens for the new registration.

Redeem Unlocked Deposits

As soon as your deposit(s) is past the freeze period you must request them in order to have them back to your account: