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This section contains tips to help you get going quickly.

Kowala uses a set new protocols and technologies such as 'Proof-of-Stake' or 'Trusted Execution Environments'. With new technologies comes a set of new terms, definitions and thoughts. We've included a glossary that covers relevant terms.

At its core, Kowala includes a currency that targets a value of 1 USD dollar called kUSD, and a mining token, mUSD, that is used to secure rewards in kUSD - we've tokenized the rights to participate in the consensus. To learn more about Kowala's consensus protocol, please visit the proof-of-stake section.

Kowala and all the other stable coins require access to data about the current currency value from exchanges. Oracles aim to meet this need and we've explained our process in detail.

The following sections of this module include instructions on how to use Kowala's features: